Making complex technology
simple and beautiful

Technical communication & consultancy

In a nutshell

Knalblauw bridges the gap between technology and its users for geo and aerospace companies.

I make complex technology simple and beautiful. How? By connecting contents with presentation. By structuring and organising technical information in a clear and concise manner. By applying 'less is more' and aiming for best quality.

In a nutshell, Knalblauw helps you to improve and professionalise.

How can I help you?

Technical communication

Defining a clear message for your company, product or technology and creating a professional image that makes you proud

Software solutions

Building applications that are a real pleasure to work with and that are loved by users and developers alike

R&D consulting

Creating innovative solutions to information challenges, data presentation and communication

For Geo & Aerospace

Knalblauw is the consultancy company of Sabine de Milliano. I am a creative independent professional with a strong technical background in remote sensing and GIS. This is why I primarily work in the fields of geo and aerospace, two related domains with a clear focus on technology. My work is to connect, structure and communicate these technologies and applications in a professional way.

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What to expect?

I speak your language

As a creative engineer I know the language of both engineers/scientists and managers/users. I understand both worlds and bridge the gap.

Not just consultancy

I do not just give advice, but can actually make it happen. You can rely on me to create something useful, practical and beautiful at the same time.

Connecting the dots

Clients are partners as well. Networking is an important part of my work. I know the industry and connect the dots. If I see a potential win-win I will be happy to introduce you to your next client or business partner.

Flexible collaboration

From a one-day strategy workshop to long-term partnership, there are many options possible. Together we will find a solution that fits best with your goals and budget.

Working domain

Over the years I have gained experience in several domains, in particular geo and aerospace, but also in maritime and offshore, government, defence, logistics, transportation and IT.

Clients typically are small to medium technology enterprises (SMEs) in Europe. Some of my present and past clients and partners:

Aerodata | COOLProfs | Crotec | CycloMedia | DataCraft | Drake & Farrell| Esri Nederland | Euro Nordic| Fugro GeoServices | GeoFort | Geomares Publishing | GeoNovation | GIS Specialisten | Global Maritime Services | Gunneman GIS & Geomatics | Hjelmstad AS | Karto | Ladar Ltd | Nexpri | Offshore Monitoring | Orbital Eye | Ruimteschepper | Samson IT | Scanopy | Space Business Innovation Centre / ESA-BIC | Sping | S[&]T Corporation | Soltegro | T-Minus Engineering | The People Group | TU Delft | 365 Travel Technology

About Knalblauw ▼


Knalblauw ('bright blue' in Dutch) was founded in July 2010 to combine technology with creativity in the field of geographic information technology.

My background is in geomatics engineering and earth sciences. I graduated cum laude from Delft University of Technology on satellite radar remote sensing / SAR interferometry for earthquake modelling. This technical background enables me to quickly understand complex information.

I like the challenge of structuring technical information and retrieving the essence out of what appears to be complete chaos. I love to simplify: less but better.

After work

Travel photography is an important part of my life. About two months a year I travel by car to Europe's hidden corners, beautiful landmarks and off-the-beaten-track destinations. Places are often much more friendly and positive than the image drawn by today's media. My motivation for travel photography is to show that the world has many surprising horizons.

The highlights of my photographic work and the stories behind the photographs are published in my book Surprising Europe, which becomes available April 2020.


Would you like to know more about my work and what I could do for you? Feel free to get in touch.

Sabine de Milliano
Tel: +31 6 120 83 792
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Chamber of Commerce: 50550179